Friday, May 6, 2011

Love You Forever!

My Heart Still Beats for You
The lonely man longs for the girl he can't get back.

Well, how long have I been in this storm?
Cold and lonely I sway as the wind blows
Searching in the downpour for your heart, which never shows
Already despair has taken on a solid form.

Sometimes I think back to our brighter days
And for a second, it s as if the past was present
Then I remember you and me are distant
And the rain sets in as my heart breaks in new ways

I dont know if I m ever on your mind
But I can say that youre constantly on mine
Looking, seeking, praying for a sign
So far nothing, I travel blind.

Im writing just to say I miss you
And though you are not by my side
While in the storm I stand, under his arms you hide
My heart still beats for you.

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