Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sex and food both are equally delicious

Sex and food. Both needed for a different kind of sustenance yet uncannily possess tantalizing similarities. Both utilize all of our senses and follow the same pattern of intrigue, seduction, temptation, appetites, will-power, control and even decadence.

Smell. With food, the more pleasingly aromatic it is, the heightened the anticipation of taste. How one smells goes a long way in attracting or repelling, the object of our desire. The perfume industry makes billions and everyone's is trying to capitalize because scent attracts. Our olfactory sensitivity spells big business for many, for we all fall prey to the sexual adventures it promises.

Sight. What’s that old adage, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?” It certainly is. Sight is one of our more intoxicating senses. It’s the first blueprint on which we base our judgments. We shouldn’t but we do. I think it’s intrinsic. With sexual attractions, especially for males, sight is the heady prelude to deeper discoveries. With food, the same thing applies. If it looks enticing, we’re tempted to try it. Crave a taste.

Taste. With sex, suffice it to say, it's an integral part of everything: "foreplay," the "main course," the "side dish" or the "whole enchilada." It's also interconnected with that other sense: smell. I don't have to paint the whole picture, you’re savvy enough to discern the details. With food, taste is the most gratifying of the senses. If it taste delicious, it harder to resist. Will power and self control is much more difficult to manage.

Touch. “Can I touch you..there.“ Yea a little corny but I love that line. Heard it in a movie somewhere and found it incredibly sexy. Don’t judge me, I was young and impressionable then. With sex, touch is the most intense of all the senses. With both food and sex, touch satisfies that tactile need in us. In some parts of Africa, certain foods can only be eaten using your hands. No spoons and forks allowed. The feel of the food on the fingers add to the experience, they say. I agree.

Hearing. Sound enhances everything around us. Can’t even fathom a world without sound. Wrote a poem once called "Life Is Music and I truly believe we're constantly living in chords. With sex and food, it’s no different. Sounds heightens the experience, deepens the sensory dance. I remember as a child, loving to wake up to culinary noises in the kitchen, especially at Christmas. The sounds and smells gave birth to the anticipation of taste and touch. I think you can connect the dots for sex. The same senses apply, only in a different sequence.